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Fleeting Life/Fleeing Life

October 13, 2009

Life is short. Live life while you can…in whatever manner possible. Normal life just isn’t enough for some people. Many find fulfillment in the thrill of the chase, avoiding the law at all costs. If you need to participate in certain activities deemed “illegal” by the government (assuming no person is hurt, injured, or killed in such activities), perhaps you should take part in said things…

Handicap Parking
Non-aggressive Bank Robery
Grand Theft Auto
Jewelery Heisting
Art Thieving

These are all activities wherein some enjoyment is bound to spring forth. If this is what it takes to keep your mind focused and clear; consider a hobby from the following list. Perhaps your career is killing you? Everyday you go to work, sit in the same chair, read the same material, eat the same lunch, drive the same road, etc. REPEAT. Keep your options open in life, it is never too late to switch careers. Consider joining a high society golf club, only to plan your great Ninth Hole Heist! The fantastic Caviar Caper awaits you: Get out there and live!


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