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Squeeze an orange, Grind a melon

October 14, 2009

Throughout life difficulties arise. Moments in which we begin to define ourselves, our virtues, our morals, and our humour. Difficulties by which none other can comprehend but each other. This gives way to sympathy, compassion, and empathy. Those things are all too interesting to be explored further. Who really needs advice about becoming compassion. Find a Bible. Read about compassion there. No, no, no. Our need for advice is in a much deeper problems. A recent study that happened about 17 seconds ago shows that 98% of the world population deals with stress. How didst this stress issue burst forth into the universe. I have provided a complex genealogy of the stress family below.

Whoopsies beget issues

Issues beget problems

Problems beget worries.

Worries beget troublesomeness.

Troublesomeness begets STRESS.

STRESS begets restlessness.

Restlessness begets this posting.

STRESS starts it ALL. Stress is the first twitch in your altimeter that says, “hey! Fix this, or I’m going to feed you wrong information…and we’ll both die” Stress starts it ALL. Stress must be dealt with in a timely manner or it will EAT you alive. How do some people live with stress looming over their lives? I have no earthly idea.

Our Body begins to tell us about the early signs of stress. WARNING us to take care of things. So I”m sure you are saying, “SENSEi, I know exactly what you speak of, but how do I remedy my life?”


I’m here to tell you how. Firstly, let me say that I know people become very CrEaTiVe when it comes to relieving stress, and perhaps they infringe upon the property and/or rights of other people. I do not think this is the best way of releasing stress. No matter how satisfying a baseball bat might fit into your hands, don’t take it to someone’s mailbox. Instead, grab a friend and smash some fruit. Don’t kill a window. Break a watermelon. Don’t smash a mailbox. Whack a mango. SQUEEZE AN ORANGE. Transfer that stress from you to the fruit. Take an apple out of the fridge. What does that apple do? sweat. Exactly. That apple knows the time it has on this earth is limited marked.

So…to you I say…Set That Apple FREE!


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  1. redminister permalink
    October 16, 2009 8:58 am

    Nice post.

    As far as the Bible goes, I’d recommend Isaiah 58 for the people who think just going to church gets you into heaven.


    p.s. I’m kind of a wordpress noob…not sure what a blogroll is, but thanks for adding me. =)

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