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DIY: Killing Time (part one)

December 2, 2009

Time is a tricky thing, a cruel mistress, and a crafty BEAST. Time eludes some, and grasps at others. Time uses people as she sees fit, with no regard to their objections. Time takes from the old to give to the young. Time is always against you, and with someone else. Despite these actions taken against mankind, Time is still held in high regard here on planet earth. People run around worshiping Time. Disgusting. What time is it? How long until? When are you? I don’t have time! The ramblings of madmen…lunatics. The enemy must be fully understood before a solution can be sufficiently worked out.

Be RULED by Time no more!

The first part of my three part series “Killing time” is also the first of my online How-To, DIY, Tutorial, etc…I want to give you practical step by step advice on how to deal with issues in life. The Sensei is committed to helping you, help yourself. In order to actually help yourself in any other area of life, time must be conquered first. Stop issues BEFORE they become an issue. How are you going to go back in time and stop yourself from looking foolish in front of the boss, in order to get that promotion if you can’t control time?  You can’t do it. Go back in time and stop your mom from falling in love with future you, so she can marry your dad, so you can exist in the first place!

Now that you understand a little bit about who we are dealing, prepare yourself for an important life decision. Once you’ve killed Time, you won’t be able to take it back. Time is not forgiving. You’ve heard it said, “Time heals all wounds.” FALSE. Time leaves big nasty scars for you to remember her by. Scars that frighten the children, push away loved ones, scare potential mates, and cause terrible feelings of disgust when you look in the mirror. Let me just say, You Are Beautiful. Don’t let Time push you around anymore. Freedom doth draw nigh!

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  1. abby permalink
    December 3, 2009 11:58 am

    ohhh i get it. back to the future, took me a minute…

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