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DIY: Killing Time (part two)

December 10, 2009

Perhaps I was a bit harsh in part one. Time may not be as “Evil” as she sounds. I will say despite the moral orientation of Mistress Time, her destruction is quite imminent. I’ve already discussed the reasons behind Time’s need to kept in check, so let us now turn towards methodology. HOW do you kill time?

Throughout the ages, civilization has developed an arsenal of weapons to defeat time. Enough paths of destruction exist for every man to pick his own. As you know, some men prefer the quickness of a knife, or the BANG of the gun. While other men lean towards the mess of an ax etc…there is no right or wrong “method,” but only the intention of the man himself

MY weapon of choice is the internet. From the moment I log onto YouTube, until the moment I log out of Facebook: Time cowards in the corner. Afraid of nothing more than being wasted. Time is also adversely spent watching any sort of devil box. Whether you prefer that to be the television set or a movie theater screen. The weapon may change, but the outcome remains. In recent years, video games have taken the place that things like books once held. A combination of BLACK MAGIC, sugarsticks, and nasty snack meat culminate in the invention of video games. Interactive armored suits, built to tear down Time. Hours upon hours are held captive by the youth, deteriorating time and some physical features such as sight. Another interesting path to take is that of aimless traveling. Get in your car, drive. Driving around a city aimlessly for hours effectively kills Time and Resources (second cousin to Time).

Now that you know how to kill Time, what will you do with your new found freedom? Next…


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