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Better Late…

January 23, 2010

than never?

Agree to disagree.

Firstly, Let me address the issue of time as in my previous two postings. Time is dead. It is official, due to the death of Time I have been unable to find enough of it to make a proper posting. So apologies all around…

The last few weeks have been rather busy with whos-ee-doos and what-nots. It has been impossible for me to find anything for myself or for someone else (you) for that matter. Just for the record, night work is not for human beings…we like the sunshine far too much.

SECondly, we must address the issue of you unlearned ones in need of a proper lesson. Tardiness. Yes, tardiness is an important tool to the student. Tardiness creates mystery to peers and possibly even to one’s sensei. While creating mystery to others, tardiness can instill a false sense of power to tardy. This is the obvious downfall of tardiness. People all say, “where has HE been?” “who has he BEEN with” “what has he been UP TO?” These questions eat at the minds of peers when a tardy fellow enters the room. This can be used as a sort of scare tactic to…scare that bully into niceties…scare a certain someone into a date…or scare that weird, dirty kid who always asks to use your things. After all, you can’t spell scare without care. Mystery can easily turn to fear, which can easily turn into power, which can easily turn into you quitting your day job only to live off of the tributes you receive from classmates.

Use your new found power wisely young grasshoppers. ALTHOUGH, the sensei must warn you about dangers. The teacher may not appreciate the power of mystery as much as your peers. The teacher might only think one thing when they see you…the powerful, tardy student “Fail


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