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Snuggie Reform in Oklahoma Puppy Mills

April 15, 2010

I have recently become aware of some legislature that is attempting to pass in Oklahoma. It is called the “Black Market Breeders’ Bill.”  Menacing I know. The underground puppy population in Oklahoma is staggering. Oklahoma is the second highest producer of puppies in the US, and THERE ISN’T ANY LEGISLATION ABOUT IT!?!?!?! Puppy Mills in Oklahoma are getting completely out of control. So the big question I have is, “What are we going to do about it?” Honestly, I think the answer is simple.

Puppy Snuggies

Imagine if every poor, cold, lonely, helpless, sheltered, cramped puppy in the state could receive his or her own snuggie. This would completely change everything. It is practically the same as giving some African child a pair of Toms. This would revolutionize the puppy mill industry, all the while satisfying those pesky animal rights activists. It doesn’t matter how cramped the living quarters become because in a snuggie (which is comfort at its best) everything is ok and magical. Let’s be honest with each other, snuggies make everything better.  I personally never take mine off!

I think this is really the first step to reform. Give the puppies something to live for! I mean it is the American way. We give uneeded “things” to appear as if we care about the standard of living, without attempting to change the actual situation. So I say puppy snuggies for all. Who knows. Maybe it would be something that could really take off and be implemented in the criminal justice system. Every single inmate with his or her own snuggie…I smell the future…and it smells comfortable.


(if you want to find out more info about the Black Market Breeders’ Bill visit

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