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Possibilities: Life’s Ticket to Infinite Confusion

May 21, 2010

As the semester has come to a quiet close, it is important to talk about what happens after graduation. For all of the graduates out there, congraduations. Welcome to the real world. You are free from the constraints of the American education system, but now you are apart of something much worse. Real Life. Prepare to be even more confused, conflicted, and constricted than ever before. That is neither here, nor there though. The real beauty awaits in the path of possibilities that now lies before you.


The number of things that you are capable of achieving with your life is at its peak, and this is the most unsettling news you’ll hear. Life’s possibilities are nothing more than a facade of confusion. What should you do with your life? How are you supposed to just pick between managing a Taco Bell or becoming the CFO of an American giant. HUH?!? This seems an impossible task. yes. Behind each possible choice lies another possible choice…and another…and another…and another…etc…The confusion and constant barrage of choices can only continue with each new possibility. This is no way to live in your new found “freedom.”

This cycle continues on and on and on, until death do you part. You need to take life back from the infinite abyss of possibilities! So how can you make sense of all the possibilities within your own life? Easy. Do Nothing. Enjoy doing nothing. Take nothing, and give nothing! The only answer to possibilities is nothing. Nothing looks different for everyone. I prefer sitting and staring aimlessly, but you must be careful to refrain from dreaming of all the possibilities you’ve so cleverly avoided.

Go now, and confront this storm of impassable possibilities with your armory of nothing.


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