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Labor On! Thine America!

September 6, 2010

Labor Day is the celebration of the American way AND the continued renewal of thus way. We choose this day to honor the things that make America possible. Grown men and woman (children too, if you’re ok with that) laboring throughout the year to ascertain this “Americanness” and also to fill their pockets (and America’s pocket too). Day in, Day out, Day in, Day out…working…sweating…meeting…lunching…elevating…office chairing…


Where do these strong, successful men and women come from?


Without babies…no one would exist. The elderly would die, end of story. As everyone knows, babies grow up into adults. Adults are the bricks of America, with babies as a solid foundation. The American Adult continually operates this wonderful, magical country. They laugh, work, and play hard. Eventually they…fall in love with one another, and in turn have babies, kids, teenagers, etc… I know a thorough explanation of life’s cycle isn’t necessary. You get the picture! All of that to say this, mothers across the globe (and Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Junior) go through hours (days even!) of horrific pain, laboring to release a child from her womb. That child grows up into a healthy, wealthy, wise business man; cut throat in his ways, refusing to give his employees time off so that America can continue to prosper!?!

*(which also causes the invention of labor unions…yada yada…employees deserve to be treated a certain way…whatever…labor day comes into existence…which honestly wouldn’t even exist without adults that stem from babies).

THIS is the real reason behind labor day. We should honor those women we know as mothers. Tell a mother how much you appreciate the labor she went through for her country. I implore you to give honor where honor is due. Perhaps, you could make a visit to the local hospital with several bags of greasy, meaty hamburgers and pass them out to hungry, laboring mothers as a sign of your own gratitude. Go into the room and offer your assistance, whatever it takes. Let them know YOU care.


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