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Earthquake Brothers, Tsunami Sisters

March 15, 2011


I have been absent from the interweb for some time now. The fact is, sometimes we just lose sight of what is important. Lets be honest with each other (sometimes I’m perhaps too honest). It is easy to forget about what really matters, we get so caught up in our daily routine…we forget. We forget about words, thoughts, lyrics, deeds, and people. For I, the Sensei, even forget how much my students need my teaching. Perhaps it is I who need the students, however. Forgetfulness often lures us into hidden snares. We must be mindful.

Mindful of each other.

An ancient maxim reads…

Do not let forgetfulness creep in. Be mindful. Do not let indifference begin. Be mindful. Do not let apathy sit within. Be mindful. Help cary the load of your brother’s sin. Be mindful.

Learn to control the self-centeredness that sets in each of our lives. Now is the time to be mindful. Especially mindful of our neighbors in Japan. Mother nature could have her way anytime, anywhere. The important thing remains: be mindful, race to the side of those who need.


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